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Naoki Masumoto Photo Exhibition "Maharada"
Fukei curated the exhibition at Gallery OKU. The aim was to treat the gallery space as a unified environment, both inside and outside the building, and to create a plan that would allow visitors to reminisce about the light and color landscapes captured by Masumoto.
Date: February 23-27, 2024

Photo by ©Naoki Masumoto

Under 35 Architects exhibition 2023
An exhibition held in Osaka featuring seven architects under the age of 35. Fukei exhibited models and drawings centering on their ongoing project, "Double Helix Building."
Date: October 20-30, 2023
Thinking about architecture from the landscape
The exhibition was held in the office and included the U-35 exhibit as well as subsequent studies. By opening up the office, it became a place to exchange ideas with the visiting students.
Date: February 5-23, 2024