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Double Helix Building

A five-storey building built on a site of about 9x10m. A new place of communication and activity was sought on this small site next to the headquarters of a cosmetics company. Usually, the stairwell is integrated into the core, but here, the stairwell was conceived as a mechanism to enrich the movement up and down. The stairwell is arranged in a spiral shape to move around the periphery of the building, and functions as a structural element in combination with the inverted spiral wall. The stairwell creates a boundary between the outside and the office, allowing people to take a break from their daily work. The stairwell is not just a traffic line space, but small places such as reading spaces and exhibition spaces are created using openings and niches, aiming to make the stairwell a new place of communication surrounded by natural light.
The first and second floors will house a shop, perfumery room and meeting space, creating a base for a new customer experience. The top floor, the fifth floor, will feature an open, multi-purpose space with a terrace.


Tokyo, Japan


Office Building

Completion Year

September 2024

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